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    OtterBox Defender iPhone 8 Plus

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    Available February 15th


    The OtterBox Defender for your iPhone 8+ is the perfect case for complete heavy-duty protection. The multiple layers within the rugged case consume shock and disperse it away from your precious iphone 8+.

    OtterBox’s precisely located port covers provide total protection for your headphone jacks as well as your vibrate switch to ensure that dirt and dust cant get inside your device. The rugged OtterBox Defender also provides heavy-duty protection from scratches or cracks on your Samsung screen with their built in clear membrane.

    To have a case that practically makes your iPhone 8+ indestructible, you may start to wonder how big is this case? Surprisingly OtterBox have managed to create a case that provides heavy-duty protection and can still easily fit in your pocket.

    No longer will your heart be in your mouth when you drop your iPhone 8. The OtterBox Defender for your iphone 8+ is hands down one of the sturdiest cases designed for a smartphone and if you're worried about your phone breaking then this is the case for you.


    • Quad-layer Defence with screen cover, foam buffer,  inner shell and slip cover
    • Sleek profile 
    • Includes holster to work as a belt clip and hands free-free kickstand
    • Screen protector to defend against scratches
    • Foam buffer to protect against impact
    • Inner shell for further defence
    • Slip cover keeps out dust and drops