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OtterBox is the world's number one selling case for iPad Mini. A full range of cases from slim and chic to rugged heavy-duty. The Defender range is the most famous, being around for over 10 years. It's become a solid favourite in Australia because of it's drop-proof and dust-proof protection. You can give your iPad Mini to young kids knowing it will survive the ordeal.
  • iPad Mini 3 Defender CaseiPad Mini 3 Defender CaseiPad Mini 3 Defender Case

    iPad Mini 3 Defender Case

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    The OtterBox Defender provides three layers of protection for your iPad Mini 3, it comes with a polycarbonate core, a synthetic outer shell as well as an integrated silicone coating that works as a screen protector. OtterBox ensures that every single part of your iPad Mini 3 is protected from dust, drops, bumps and shocks.

    OtterBox Protection for iPad Mini

    If your iPad Mini goes flying the OtterBox Defender helps make sure there is no damage and your good to go. Built in port covers ensure that no dirt or dust enters your headphone jack or your lightning connector. You can't go past the Defender case, it provides so much heavy-duty rugged protection within such a sleek and stylish look.

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