iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender - Big Drop, Ran Over Test

Is the iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender really that tough? We put a brand new iPhone 6 inside an OtterBox Defender and put the case through it's paces as we drop it from a first floor window then drive over it with a car! See what happened for yourself in the video.  ..

OtterBox Resurgence Case

That moment when you wished for just another few seconds! The Resurgence case from OtterBox compromises two very important things when you are out and about, battery life and drop protection. You've probably heard of OtterBox by now, especially as you are on this site :-) so you know the protection standards are very high plus product quality and design is excellent. The latest case, the Resurgence, adds additional battery power to that, 2600mAh to be precise and that's enough to double your normal iPhone 6 battery life (http://www.otterboxsuperstore.com.au/iphone-6/iphone-6-resurgence-case)! I haven't test the case myself yet but initial feedback is excellent, scoring 5 stars from verified buyers. The protection seems to be inline with that of an OtterBox Commuter case rather an a Defender case for this iPhone 6, but then there is the added protection of the additional battery so drop protection should be excellent and bulk isn't too bad considering what you  ..

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