iPhone 6 Case: LifeProof v OtterBox

iPhone 6: OtterBox or LifeProof? OtterBox has been the number 1 selling protective iPhone case for many years now but have LifeProof finally got the case to take the number 1 spot? Well there are few significant advantages to both cases so I guess it will depend on which matter to you most. Main OtterBox Defender Case Advantages: Price; the Defender comes in almost $15 cheaper Strength; just my opinion but it feels the stronger, more rugged of the two Belt Clip; comes as standard in the box, it's a $32 add on with the LifeProof Fre case Main LifeProof Fre Case Advantages: Waterproof; down to 2 metres for up to an hour, this is something the OtterBox just can't offer Slimmer; although only a few millimetres you can really feel the difference in your hand Lighter; not just by a little either, the LifeProof Fre case for iPhone 6 is 35 grams, that's half the weight of the OtterBox Defender and it's easily to feel the difference Conclusion: should you buy the OtterBox  ..

iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender - Big Drop, Ran Over Test

Is the iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender really that tough? We put a brand new iPhone 6 inside an OtterBox Defender and put the case through it's paces as we drop it from a first floor window then drive over it with a car! See what happened for yourself in the video.  ..

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